Galapagus – Animals

Survival of the Fittest


Marine Iguana dscf0182.jpgdscf0101.jpgdscf0210.jpg Land Iguana

& a couple of copulatung giant tortoises


Californian Seals dscf0227.jpgvoyeur.jpgdscf0137.jpg Reef Sharks

and a solitary voyeur


Fearless creaturesdscf0122.jpgdscf0231.jpgdscf0077.jpg  Darwins Finches

and a bluefooted booby to boot





~ by markselby on November 30, 2006.

One Response to “Galapagus – Animals”

  1. What amazing photos! Galapagus is definately on my list of places to visit in this lifetime.

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